• Question: what do you think you can bring that other scientists can't?

    Asked by famalam to Kathryn, Graeme, Chris, Anne, Agnes, Adam on 8 Nov 2018.
    • Photo: Anne Green

      Anne Green answered on 8 Nov 2018:

      That’s a really hard question to answer. I’m sure there’s nothing I can do that’s unique! In research my strength is bringing together things from different fields, in particular astrophysics and particle physics. In teaching physics my speciality is explaining things which are quite mathematical to students who don’t particularly like maths.

    • Photo: Agnes Wojtusiak

      Agnes Wojtusiak answered on 9 Nov 2018: last edited 9 Nov 2018 9:27 am

      I actually disagree on this one with Anne – I think each one of us CAN do something very unique! We’re all different people, doing different things. It’s just difficult to pin-point them.
      I’m still studying for my first degree, so I think I’ve got a bit of a fresher look on science and school and stuff. 🙂 I’ve no idea yet exactly what I’m gonna do when I graduate, so I’m constantly looking for what amazing stuff there is out there that I can try, before making a final choice!

    • Photo: Kathryn

      Kathryn answered on 13 Nov 2018:

      We are all different some people cna bring more wit, others more experience, some a fresher view. I hope I ca bring plain and simple my own opinion based on my epxeriences.

    • Photo: Adam McGuinness

      Adam McGuinness answered on 13 Nov 2018:

      Well I can bring my own time, dedication and effort, no one else has that!

    • Photo: Graeme Poole

      Graeme Poole answered on 13 Nov 2018: last edited 13 Nov 2018 10:51 pm

      I can bring space rocks? :-p

      Most advances that help the world are discovered by accident or are a by-product of the technology developed for science experiments. The CAT scanner was actually invented to look inside Moon rock, but has since been used to save millions of lives!! So my research might be able to help the world in ways I haven’t even thought of yet (hopefully).