• Question: what are some of the rocks from space called your a really good scientist I would love to be a scientist one day too

    Asked by secret scientist #1 to Kathryn, Graeme, Chris, Anne, Agnes, Adam on 8 Nov 2018.
    • Photo: Anne Green

      Anne Green answered on 8 Nov 2018:

      Graeme (who works on space rocks) is the best person to answer this question.

    • Photo: Agnes Wojtusiak

      Agnes Wojtusiak answered on 9 Nov 2018:

      “Meteorites” – generally, those that fall to Earth, I think.I guess it’s different when you bring one back yourself!
      You go and be a scientist! Work hard at it and nothing can stop you ;D

    • Photo: Kathryn Harriss

      Kathryn Harriss answered on 10 Nov 2018:

      If a rock from space falls to earth and survives it is a meteorite.
      If it burns up int he atmosphere it is a meteor
      If it is on a collisional path with Earth it is a meteoroid.

      When they are found the rocks are named after the location in which they were found and often the date, meaning that have very dull names. Though the ones found in Austalia have some cool names like Weekeroo Station.